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About our company

Pacific Rim Awards, Karen Lunan, has been supporting the local teams and clubs since 2007.  What started out as a personal venture to create quality awards for the horse shows and events she was hosting, Karen found there was a need and desire for quality, affordable garment and apparel customization!


You are welcome to provide your own garments, but we have a huge selection of garments for you to choose from!  We keep our prices low and competitive!


Karen also found the need to simplify the ordering process for teams!  Teams are usually customized, individualized garment, and because we keep the process in house we are able to service all of their needs!  If you have a team that you would like to simplify their uniform ordering process, just shoot us an email!  We would love to work with you!


While most of our customers are teams, clubs and businesses, we will try to accommodate individual orders as well.  We do have a minimum shop fee and usually a lead time of 3 weeks


Contact us for your custom quote!

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